Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun, fun, fun

I had some fun today playing with some new photos of my
granddaughter. I used the splatter mask courtesy of Roben-Marie of Paper Bag Studios on the "angel". I used a piece of my
art work for the background of the other photo plus Jessica Sprague's
paper frame overlay.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Collage - Journal Art

I've been doing a little journal art the last few days as well as my faces. This first one was done with glimmer mists, acrylic ink sprays, acrylic paint, stencils

Acrylic, gel pens, markers, transparencies.

Acrylic, stencil, clip art, old pages from Physicians' Desk Reference.

Playing some more with texture tools of my own making, wrapping paper, dress pattern tissue and miscellaneous images.

And finally this.


Martha is done in graphite in my journal. I'm going to use the same technique of covering with a skim of molding paste and then painting. It works well because I can still see the drawing under the dried molding paste.


Her Name is Margo

Margo now has hair and she looks a little more real. Continuing the faces and painting. I added teal and burgudy streaks to her hair to show that she is a "today" girl.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I started this practice with the oval shape. She does look a bit
bald but hair can come later.

Practice makes perfect? I don't care about being perfect, I just
want to get better with faces. I've promised myself to practice daily. I won't bore you with all the really "bad" attempts, but here is a sample of step one.

I've just finished my photo editing class with Jessica Sprague
so it's time to get back to more art. I'm planning to
take her class for photography with an SLR digital camera. That starts in September so I'll most likely be posting photos while I'm in
that class.

Have a great day!! You're awesome!!!!


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Portrait 2

Second in my portrait series. I found this one more difficult to execute and I believe it was because I used heavy body acrylics instead of the fluid acrylics. DJ Pettit instructs to draw the image, then use a palette knife to add a skim coat of molding paste. When that is dry, paint with fluid acrylics. When the molding paste dries, you can see your drawn image through it and paint over. I want to try another with oil painstix and see what results I get. I also think that I have some difficulty painting intuitively. I still try to get it "just right" and that spoils the overall effect. So practice, practice...... I'm going to give Pam Carriker's face technique a try too. If I could paint a bit more intuitively I believe my ladies would have more character. On the other hand, I like their primitive quality. It just depends on the outcome one is seeking. DJ has some great work on her blog. Looks like she has used Lesley Riley's TAP paper to do an image transfer on fabric for a quiltie to be published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors.