Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Class Swap

These are inchies from my art class today. We each decorated our sheets of watercolor paper which our instructor had previously painted for us. We just brought our embellishments and had a grand time. I've not worked with inchies before, and it's absolutely amazing the incredible art on such a tiny "canvas". A few people even beaded -- notice the darling ladybug. T embossed it and beaded each and every one of 30 pieces. If you're counting, there are only 25 because 5 people were not there today. Wow, a lot of work. Also third row up from the bottom middle picture is of a fish swimming and K actually glued sand for the beach at the base of her piece. M attached a tiny Chinese coin to her piece. Truly a fun class!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weathered Metal ATC's

ATC's for a swap for Arttechniques Group. It's cardstock covered with HVAC metal tape (adhered in all directions) sanded and painted and sanded more. I distressed as well. Attached some coiled 20 gauge wire and a star anise (spice rack at the grocery). To view entire technique go to Kelly Angard's blog page.  This is a very easy, fun technique.  You can use different colors and add images or any ephemera you have on hand.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fused Plastic Bags

I discovered this technique on Craftside's blog.  To find her tutorial you can go here and discover how to recycle your plastic bags. 
The only problem with this is I usually repurpose them for dog walks.  One of Southern California's crazy talk show hosts was talking about the problems that will occur when the newspapers are totally online.  What will we use to line our bird cages and other assorted uses?   His answer was that we could line the bottom of our bird cages with old laptop computers!

I plan to cut this piece up and use it for ATC's or collages.    

Paper Portraits

I'm so pleased.  I actually came home with the Mac and did what I learned in my "one to one".  I thought I might not remember
the steps.  The trainer taught me how to set this up
in Keynote (Mac's version of PowerPoint).  I could have 
done it in Pages (Word) but 
I have more flexibility with the Keynote application.  I
kept looking at others' posts on their blogs and
wondering how they were placing images together.  Now I don't know how others are placing their images together but it's not important as long as I know how to do it.  I'm just amazed every time I learn a 
new little trick on the computer.  It's these little things that 
thrill me.  Every time I go to my "one to one" lesson, I learn some little
shortcut or a new way to do something.  I think it's well 
worth it.  I'm starting to like my Mac more and more.  I'm even starting to like my Epson printer.   Tada!!!!!  

Little Women

Playing with my Mac and learning to place several images together.  Had my "one to one" today.  The question is will I remember how to do this??? We'll see. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Together

Just returned from five days in Tucson visiting a very dear friend.  Oh how I love the  mountains and the desert beauty there.  I came home to find this piece I left unfinished. I think I will use a thin wash of color to pull it together and add a few rubber images.  This is an old photo of one of my mother's aunties and her children.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm off to make ATC's

Both "Sugarbirds" and Maxine came up with ideas that I was able to incorporate.  Thanks to everyone for
great ideas.  If you will both email me your snail mail
addresses, I will send you an ATC.  Look for my email address in my profile or leave a comment.
Even though the transfer was successful, I will cut away the dark background next time or have it blend in with 
the background so it's not so obvious.  I used a piece of trim for the stem on this plus some cut-out flowers for the rest of the bouquet.  Those are rhinestones for the centers
of the flowers.   As you can see I exaggerated 
the flower petals around the image and used some
glitter glue for the center of that flower.  I printed the text on tracing paper. 

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Yippee, this is my 2nd Sheer Heaven transfer. What to do with it as far as finishing the collage? I will have a give away ATC for the person who gives the suggestion that I can best use. The background is pretty busy but then again, I can always cover up the background. It's up to you folks to come up with some ideas in the comments. What would you do?
Want to play?

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Yea!!!! My blog has been redesigned by Trudi of Two Dresses Studio.  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.  She worked very hard with me to get it exactly as I envisioned.  I wanted the feeling of tranquility (even though much of my art is busy with wild colors).  Thank you so much, Trudi.
I'm posting my first "successful" Sheer Heaven transfer.  Not the best example, but I've decided to post a series of attempts
I'm working on another one and have not finished the artwork
as far as a collage.  Perhaps I'll post the initial transfer and then the
finished piece of art.