Sunday, April 05, 2009


Yippee, this is my 2nd Sheer Heaven transfer. What to do with it as far as finishing the collage? I will have a give away ATC for the person who gives the suggestion that I can best use. The background is pretty busy but then again, I can always cover up the background. It's up to you folks to come up with some ideas in the comments. What would you do?
Want to play?


Mary Lynn said...

This is a very nice transfer, and your blog header and background are awesome. I would add a couple of small images, and then use tissue paper pieces to simplify the background.

Anonymous said...

beautiful work !
I would put some words underneath
Maybe you have a stamp with appropriate script or use a transfer
So you could still see the background

Max said...

Hi, since the image is set on top of a flower petal like image, bring more of the petals into the image to make the little girl the center of the flower. Then do a curly tendril like stem that follows some of the background in the colors of the background. I would also make the main flower petals stand out a little more. Then I would add a ribbon in one of the darker colors of the colors you have in your background and a glizty brad to hold the ribbon (just folded in half and tapered on the ends and spread out) plus some words on a cut out strip in white or blue that says something like 'All little girls are like flower children' or 'Flower Child'. If you have some clear embossing powder before adding the ribbon use the versamark or versamark pen to add touches of embosssing to balance the picture.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I would soften the edges of the transfered photo of the girl so she blends into the background and then I would include a short poem or a favorite saying you love.

I love the background and the colors!

Diane said...

You are off to a fabulous start! This is gorgeous! I am always drawn to birds, butterflies & flowers. I think as you use more Sheer Heaven you will learn to absolutely LOVE it!