Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm so excited about Kim's classes.  Here are a couple more.  The images and

 textures are hers for the class.  The top image

 was altered with cross processing.  Bottom image incorporated

 some textures, a gradient map and blending modes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Painterly tulips

This is Kim's image for the class I'm in.  I love the processing here.  
a couple more photos from classes.  These are my images.

The portrait shot of K was an exercise in the spot healing brush and burning plus black/white conversion and add back in a bit of color
The shot of the university was using textures and levels adjustments plus eraser to remove a light pole above the building.

Monday, November 08, 2010


Another lesson in Kim's test kitchen....
Using her images I played with the textures, filters and adjustments.  
Have fun and create something everyday!

Green Pears

There's a story behind this piece......  
The pears were given as an "assignment" to the members of Kim Klassen's Test Kitchen.  I looked at the image and knew immediately I had to paint them green.  Some time ago my husband and I were out to dinner at a restaurant in our neighborhood.  They were displaying art from a student at a local university.  The piece that was so striking was a painting of green pears.  They were really green - almost unreal.  We went home and talked about that painting and decided to purchase it.  When we returned the painting had been sold.  Bummer!!  
I used two of Kim's textures -- "robins egg" and "live love laugh".  The mask is from Shadowhouse Creations. 

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Results of Video Lesson

This is Kim Klassen's image.  I'm doing some practice and learning from her video lessons.  I joined her Test Kitchen and with that membershp come lots of video lessons and tips, plus lots of free textures.
Below I used Kim's daisy image and a couple of her textures.  Tried two different frames both courtesy of House of Three.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How Did That Happen?

I'm coming up for air.   How in the world have I gotten myself into concurrent classes?  I just want to take  in everything I can.  There are so many classes and not enough time.  I'm in Kim Klassen's 
"Test Kitchen" and her new class on textures plus I'm taking Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen's class "Chaos and Calm".  I guess I figure I can handle it since Julie's and Chris's class is a go at your own speed class.  Kim's upcoming class on textures is 13 weeks I believe.
So to catch up..... two paintings I'm working on outside of the classes.  They are unfinished so I will post either the next step or the finished paintings.

A collage I did in Chris Cozen's class in Pasadena a couple weeks ago
plus some Photoshop Elements creations I've done in Kim's "Test Kitchen" -- the makeup brushes resplendent with wonderful textures from Kim and from DJ Pettit.
plus the storyboard
A while back I did a 20 minute photo shoot in my bathrooom as a challenge for "Clickin' Moms" and I used some of those images for these two pieces.
I'm hoping Chris and Julie's classes will get my painting muse going again.  I've neglected my painting  since I discovered Photoshop.
Have a glorious day!!