Sunday, August 30, 2015

"New" Old Stepladder

While "junking" with Erin at the flea market, I found this marvelous stepladder (heart skipping a beat). 
 Actually I found two ladders....the first was red.  I had been looking for the perfect ladder for several months and decided I'd just have to paint this red one.  Then just as we were taking one last lap, I saw this one and I fell in love!  The steps fold out (in) just like a ladder I had as a child.  It has obviously had a lot of use with its paint spatters.  I can't decide if I want to paint it white or leave as is.  It has a lot of character this way.  I was lamenting the fact that I didn't need both ladders as I'm really limited for space.  Besides what would hubby say?  Why was I bringing two stepladders home??  Erin was a sweetheart and bought the red one from me.  She has lots of primary colors, as you can see, in her garden.
My project this week was to learn more about my Canon camera.  I watched some YouTube videos and finally learned how to "back button focus". camera has a touch screen which makes it really easy.  I just touch where I want to focus.  I also wanted to experiment with creating more light using the camera since most of my house is lacking in it.  I changed exposures while working in live view.   I used my louvred closet doors as a backdrop which helped.  I also changed lenses from my 50mm 1/4 to my 18 - 200 mm.  What a difference.  Because my shooting areas are so tight I needed to have a wider angle view.

I used Kim's Sunday preset on left image, Quiet Dreams on right image and no preset on center image.  
Have a great week.  I'll be working on lighting and exposure for the next photo sessions.
~ Give ~

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just Another Face

#18 of my 100 faces.  I like to paint a background in my journal and then draw over that.   Can't tell you how many times I forget eyelids, and this is one of those times.  Would we look silly without eye lids?  I think so.  Or maybe we would just look Asian....nothing wrong with that.
Well, there's a slight hint of eyelid here,  but......
Have a great day!
~ Give ~

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do You Have My Muse?

I've lost my muse.  I'm really not motivated to do any photography at the moment except with the iPhone.
I'm not inspired to paint either although I sat myself down and did this little lady.  I already had the background.  I drew the face with Stabilo All black pencil and then went back and painted in her face.
I think she's a fashion model.  She has that gaunt look.   Only 82 faces left to draw.  I think I'm supposed to do one every day though.....not once a month!  LOL
I could blame it on the's been so hot and humid, and with no A/C I just wilt.  I find myself wanting to go vegetate in the library just to get cool.
Did you have a marvelous week?  I hope so.  Maybe I'll get inspired soon. 
~ Give ~

Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Walk in My Back Yard Garden

I hope I haven't disappointed my readers.  I've been out of circulation for a few weeks.

I've actually been off trying to get acquainted with Instagram (I know..... I'm a late bloomer).  I've also tried to be a little more active on Facebook, or at least looking at everyone else's posts to the Studio Online group.  I've been learning to really use my phone for images and editing those images.  I'm getting better.

I've contemplated closing my blog because it seems people are more active on IG and FB.  But.....after reading Carol Hart's post regarding same, I decided to keep it going for a bit longer.  I started it as a sort of diary/journal of my art work.  So really, it was primarily for me to keep tabs on my progression. 

 I discovered that what I love about blogging (aside from seeing my progression) is the personal connection with fellow artists.  Facebook and Instagram just don't do that in the same way.
Today I'm sharing a walk around my back yard garden.  These images were taken on my iPhone.
Wishing you a beautiful day!
~ Give ~