Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do You Have My Muse?

I've lost my muse.  I'm really not motivated to do any photography at the moment except with the iPhone.
I'm not inspired to paint either although I sat myself down and did this little lady.  I already had the background.  I drew the face with Stabilo All black pencil and then went back and painted in her face.
I think she's a fashion model.  She has that gaunt look.   Only 82 faces left to draw.  I think I'm supposed to do one every day though.....not once a month!  LOL
I could blame it on the weather....it's been so hot and humid, and with no A/C I just wilt.  I find myself wanting to go vegetate in the library just to get cool.
Did you have a marvelous week?  I hope so.  Maybe I'll get inspired soon. 
~ Give ~


Jacki Long said...

Great work, Marilyn!
Can't wait to see the next ones.
Maybe draw in the library? ♥

Barb said...

Your drawings and paintings are so beautiful Marilyn ... I'm always in awe of them. About the heat ... I hear ya ... I wilt too. I'm happy now that our evenings are cool. Thank you so much for you comment on my fig post - I so appreciate it.