Sunday, May 27, 2007

Art is for art ATC

Another attempt at an ATC. I like working small but this is challenging. I can hardly imagine working on "inchies". I used a transparency of my drawing which is posted a few pics down.

Recent Tags

Front and back of one of my recent tags. I really like tags because there is just enough room to do a nice composition. Maybe I'll get better with the ATC's.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Inside the Gates

My last (I think) in my "spiritual" studies for my postal art. Now I just need to figure out how to reduce to post card size. Oh, if only I was a Photoshop wizard. Click on right page to read writing on wings.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


10 minute sketch. Seems all I had time for today. Oh, I guess I did my journal pages as well. I wanted another image I could copy on transparency film, and I think this one will do the job. Unfortunately the scanner chose to cut off part of her profile. Technology........

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Another study for my "spiritually" themed postal art. Ouch, I don't want to get in that hot zone..... This could also be called "The Road to Nowhere (Now Here). It's a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California - the first really warm weather - it's actually going to be 80 degrees here on the coast. It was 100 degrees on the coast two days ago! Wow, getting close to that hot zone! So what am I doing in this beautiful weather. Why, I'm cleaning my aviary that is home to my eight noisemakers -- chatterbox parakeets. I'm also surfing people's art blogs and doing my own art.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Beauty - My First Ever ATC

This is the final result of the technique I learned on It was fun and I plan to do more.
I scanned these in the incorrect order, so you will need to scroll down to the beginning image. I don't know why but I've always been a bit intimidated by ATC's. Working small I thought would be too constricting but I really enjoyed it. Since one does not have a lot of space, it needs to be concise and still have the appearance of a nice composition. Anyone want to swap?

Images after using Marvy Matchables

And the results after coloring with Marvy Matchables over the negative images.

"Negative" of embossed images

Here is the result of ironing with cardstock over the original embossed images.

Images embossed between layers of paint

Following Linda's instructions I painted on matte coated cardstock and gloss cardstock. I then used clear embossing ink and clear embossing powder. I painted over with another color of acrylic. I covered with white cardstock and then ironed over it. I first tried with a craft iron. I found that unsatisfactory as it did not heat up enough. I then dragged out my "real" iron and got much better results. The "negative" image transferred and you can see that effect above.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ticket to Heaven

Working on ideas for spiritual mail art series. Gee, I'm really into blue the last few days.

Dancing with a Star

My 3-minute sketch for the day. I really have to set aside at least a few minutes daily if only to get myself back in the groove. This type of sketch doesn't take a lot of thought but I like the casualness of it. Maybe I'll even get to some more art today. If it makes me so happy why do I let other things get in the way like responsibilities?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Creative Abandon

A piece of journal art using an image I drew, some collage images, gel pens, markers, glitter glue and rubber stamps. I had to incorporate the butterfly image which always makes me think of my son. One of the collage images is from a vintage typing study book I found in a box stored away. It had belonged to someone in my family. It's so fun because it refers to things like "when the bell rings" and manual carriage returns. These were the days of original typewriters.

Soul Search

I met an interesting woman this week at a local coffee shop. I found out in conversation that she and spouse run a non-profit dedicated to multi-cultural arts including visual, music and theatre. As we talked further, I told her I was an artist (I actually called myself an artist. I'm very proud of myself to have finally told a stranger that I'm an artist!!! instead of "I dabble in art"). She told me their exhibits are by invitation and they are geared more to underground artists and "post art". I had to laugh since I consider that a part of my art. She suggested I go to their website and read about them. Also suggested I submit some of my work. So I awakened at 4am with the idea for this piece of art. I could not go back to sleep and even contemplated getting up then to do it but decided not to wake up dh. This is the first of a series with a spiritual theme. I plan to submit a few more.