Friday, January 30, 2009

Wistful Transfer

What to do with an incomplete transfer??? Paste something
over it of course!

And fill in with paint! My transfer was

because I did not apply enough
matte medium, but

it's my first transfer with a print made from
the Epson.
I can't wait for my One-to-One class
at the Apple Store.
I know there is a way to set it up so that the scans
will drop into IPhoto,
but for now Preview is the default. I finally
that the scan is saved in
It just seems like an indirect way to get to it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Self Portrait

A self portrait for my Yahoo group. I sprayed glimmer
mists over a mask. Face was drawn with graphite and charcoal.
I added some punched flowers for the right eye.

Self Portrait

Self portrait for my Yahoo group. I used acrylic paints,
markers, corrugated paper brayered
with acrylic paint
and miscellaneous collage papers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Thrill of Something New

This seems insignificant unless one is learning a 
new operating system, a new printer/scanner and attempting to 
navigate both.  I'm so excited that I actually 
scanned this, saved it in Iphoto and 
was able to upload for this post.  It's 
those little things that make my heart sing!!!  
Now do I remember how I did it???  That's the real trick.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Old Art - New Post

I have to have something posted -- can't stand just notes on the blog.  Till I learn my computer I'll post some oldies but goodies.
I just looked at this post again and thought how interesting that I chose this piece of art work.  Seems to symbolize my state of mind with all my new hardware and software!!!!

Brain Exercise

I'm finding this new computer is not for the faint  of heart.  Actually, I remember reading somewhere (I believe it was Andrew Weil) if you want to really exercise your brain, try learning a new operating system.  I never realized that I would also need to learn a new printer - my Epson NX400.  It has so many settings I don't know what to do with what!  My old printer was fairly straightforward, so I could hit one button on the printer and scan.  The result was placed in "My Pictures" and I could either open  Microsoft Picture It or PSE 5 to edit.  From there it was a simple matter to post to my blog.  Now I have to go into the Epson software in my computer and figure out how fancy I want the scan to be before I can scan.  Then how to import that into IPhoto??? All I can bring up is a "Preview".  Helloo!!!  I'd like to edit, please. 
I was about 2/3 through my online PSE 5 class and now I get to start on PSE 6 for Mac!  Hold your laughter.  I have dug myself a hole which is going to be really an exercise to get out of!!!  But, you say, "It's good for the brain"! I think I will go to some of my fave  links and hang out for a while.  I'll wrestle with all of this learning tomorrow or Monday.     

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Musings for Today

No art to post because I have no scanner.  I love my new Mac.  I just need to buy a new printer since my Del is not compatible.  I'm also trying to get all the PC files located and organized.  The biggest challenge has been to get my email running.  ATT is my email provider, and they have been very little help.  They don't understand the Mac!!!!  They keep asking if I get my mail through Outlook, and then when I tell them it's Mac's version called Mail, they think I'm referring to an online mail provider.  I have probably spent 4 hours on the phone with them.  Yesterday the person I spoke with kept putting me on hold and finally told me he would need to call me back, as they were having a problem with their system.  I think that means he doesn't know what to do, nor does the next level up.  All I want is to reset my password for my sub-account!  The main account for email is all set up.  Oh, lordy, I never thought this would be such a challenge.  If you want to entertain yourself just try to get technical help from ATT!!!  
Now I'm in the process of researching printers and scanners.  Feel free to leave your comments or email me offline.

Stay tuned as I promise I will post some art soon!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


It has been some time since I posted. I've been "under the weather" with a sciatica problem. I had done the background for this a while back and just added the figure and some finishing touches in the last few days.

I used some of the beautiful decorative paper napkins I received from Lin. I "painted" her dress with one, used another for the hanging branches above. I added some of my own branches with raw umber acrylic. I also added a couple flowers in the lower left corner. I'm happy with the results. Now if I can just get my back to feel normal again so I can function.....