Monday, January 19, 2009

The Thrill of Something New

This seems insignificant unless one is learning a 
new operating system, a new printer/scanner and attempting to 
navigate both.  I'm so excited that I actually 
scanned this, saved it in Iphoto and 
was able to upload for this post.  It's 
those little things that make my heart sing!!!  
Now do I remember how I did it???  That's the real trick.


Sharon said...

Hi Marylin,
Thanks for visiting my blog! The collage you commented on is very close to my heart as it is about my late father who passed in Mar 07. IT 's one of those pieces you make and just can't stop looking at.

Congrats to you for undertaking all this new computer equipment! I have only ever used a mac, just looking at a PC throws me into a panic.
I LOVE your piece that is transfers on papers-a lot of green Love that layered look. Good luck and I await your next wonderous creation!

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

YEA, Marilyn!!!! SUCCESS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on mastering your new scanner and computer!!! Woo!! Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1