Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brain Exercise

I'm finding this new computer is not for the faint  of heart.  Actually, I remember reading somewhere (I believe it was Andrew Weil) if you want to really exercise your brain, try learning a new operating system.  I never realized that I would also need to learn a new printer - my Epson NX400.  It has so many settings I don't know what to do with what!  My old printer was fairly straightforward, so I could hit one button on the printer and scan.  The result was placed in "My Pictures" and I could either open  Microsoft Picture It or PSE 5 to edit.  From there it was a simple matter to post to my blog.  Now I have to go into the Epson software in my computer and figure out how fancy I want the scan to be before I can scan.  Then how to import that into IPhoto??? All I can bring up is a "Preview".  Helloo!!!  I'd like to edit, please. 
I was about 2/3 through my online PSE 5 class and now I get to start on PSE 6 for Mac!  Hold your laughter.  I have dug myself a hole which is going to be really an exercise to get out of!!!  But, you say, "It's good for the brain"! I think I will go to some of my fave  links and hang out for a while.  I'll wrestle with all of this learning tomorrow or Monday.     


Kathleen Botsford said...

My family bought me a Mac last year because they were so tired of my endless and "mindless" (they say) questions. Now I can ask the Apple guys! Did you ask them about your email? They have been so helpful to me and I am a total novice! I have a canon scanner and after I preview and scan I hit the save disk, rename it and it automatically goes to Iphoto. My printer is not working and I have to call the Apple guys tomorrow. Good luck! I look forward to new art soon!

julie m said...

I have been a Mac user since the late 80s. Had to use PCs at work for several years. We had in-house computer help and they still drove me crazy with all their quirks. Mac is not perfect but once you get used to it I hope you will enjoy how intuitive it is to move on to new programs, etc. Just be sure to keep up with the updates using the software update feature. Unfortunately, every printer seems to be different and a new learning curve regardless of the OS. Good luck.