Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sassy Girls

I'm still learning to paint faces with a credit card.  I call this my Sassy Girl Series.
It is not easy for me to paint/draw with a credit card.  I want the results to look like something.  It's a great exercise for loosening up because you have very little control.  I'm all about control so this is a good thing!
My good friend Jacki is a master at this, so I enrolled in her class to spark up my face practice.
She had a box full of papers….tissue papers worked really well.  We were given different substrates….paper of different thicknesses and thin boards.  Some were larger, some were really small like the redhead above….maybe 3"x3".
 We used glue stick and matte medium to affix the torn papers to the substrate and then started painting.  I think I'm better at charging with a credit card than painting, but I'm getting better.  I love my final image below.  She just has a sweet expression.  I did the top image and her in my journal, so I didn't use torn paper….just paint.  
I have promised myself to practice more of these on a regular basis so I can just whip them out.  I think they would make cute cards.

Thursday, May 01, 2014


A laugh for the day….
I took this selfie with my iPhone for Susan Tuttle's class, "The art of iPhoneography Self Portraiture".  Taking selfles with a smart phone just isn't that easy-- especially if you're wanting to have interesting angles, etc.  Susan is great at instruction but I just don't see myself lying on my bed in a sexy dress.  Perhaps if I were Susan's age I might.  There are certainly all kinds of artistic poses, and admittedly I haven't tried them.  I did not edit this  on my iPhone.  I tried one of Marie Otero's techniques to get a cartoon effect.
I think I'd rather take photos of flowers or street photos.  
But go ahead and enjoy the humor here.
~ Calm ~