Thursday, May 01, 2014


A laugh for the day….
I took this selfie with my iPhone for Susan Tuttle's class, "The art of iPhoneography Self Portraiture".  Taking selfles with a smart phone just isn't that easy-- especially if you're wanting to have interesting angles, etc.  Susan is great at instruction but I just don't see myself lying on my bed in a sexy dress.  Perhaps if I were Susan's age I might.  There are certainly all kinds of artistic poses, and admittedly I haven't tried them.  I did not edit this  on my iPhone.  I tried one of Marie Otero's techniques to get a cartoon effect.
I think I'd rather take photos of flowers or street photos.  
But go ahead and enjoy the humor here.
~ Calm ~


Jacki Long said...

I like it! It's so cute!
Teach me next play date?

irene said...

I like your selfie very much and would love to do this. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comment about our friend Jacki.