Friday, April 18, 2014

Beyond Layers II - Week 51

In our Beyond Layers II class, Kim gave us a link to a fun Photobooth frame action for our project.  You can either set up a template in Photoshop or you can download the action link.  If you use the action it makes your work easy as 1-2-3.  I did a black/white adjustment layer to these photos of my granddaughter, saved them to my desktop.  When you activate the action, it asks you to select the photo and then places it for you on the correct layer, and the same with each photo.
You can have either the white frame or do a black fill layer on the background layer to get the black frame.
I then created an 8.5 x 11 new white file, rotated it so it was "landscape", moved the Photobooth image on to that white background, duplicated the layer three times, so it would look like a photo package.
Remember those old Photobooth pics we used to do?  A step back in time….
~ Calm ~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 11

Two weeks have raced by….can't tell you what happened.  Life just has a way of getting in the way sometimes.
I finally finished this spread for week 11 of the Documented Life Project. The challenge was to draw, photograph or collage a bird into the spread.  I kept waiting for the perfect bird image to use…thought maybe I was actually going to have to draw a bird.  That would be a novel idea .  But I did finally find the image in an old Victoria magazine.  You know how you have the "Aha" moment?  I just knew I wanted to use it.  Plus I have the washi tape with the birds on the line that I could also incorporate.
I keep telling myself 15 minutes a day.  I should be journaling every day!  Notice the "should".  I find that I want to make my journal entries little works of art.  I'm not happy to sit down and slap some paint and writing on a page.  I just have to mull over these page spreads, and it takes me several days or sometimes a couple weeks to finish them.
I'm happy with this one and so on to the next one -- Week 12 which is to "cut up a magazine and add to a spread."  I sort of did that here, but I love cutting up magazines, so it will be more fun.
~ calm ~

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 10 DLP

You know that saying "the faster I go, the behinder I get.  I'm guilty of trying to do a little of each artistic thing I'm involved in.
For Documented Life Project I'm on week 10….only a couple weeks behind.
This challenge was to make a list of 10 things about us or 10 things that make us who we are.
I used a sticky backed background paper. I'm making an effort to use up some of my supplies that are taking up space. It quickly became a mess and I ended up with lots of wrinkles and creases.  In my attempt to remove some of it, I ripped the journal page.  Oh well... I decided to just make my list on the next page and let that partially torn page show a little preview.

~ Calm ~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's a spring fling!

This is a fun little 1/2 day trip.  I've done it several times.  When my friend Jacki invited me to go, I was delighted.  
Located in Carlsbad, CA, they grow and provide flowers, including the famous Ecke poinsettias, to many retailers.
We took the tour around the fields in one of the tractor-pulled rides.  It's a good way to see all the fields, and it's fun.
Some of what we saw…..
and some more….
Some demonstration gardens…  I loved the watering can with chains of clear marbles made to look like water and the bird house covering a hose bib and faucet.
A few final shots…one of the John Deere tractors.
So we didn't get lost….
And a grand arch of morning glories.
Then we went to Ruby's and had the most delicious burgers with grilled parmesan bread.  Yum!
~ Peace ~

Friday, March 07, 2014

DLP - Week 9

Yea!!!!  I finally have my house back.  Contractors finished up the two bathrooms Wednesday.  It has only been six weeks since all the work started, but it seems like a year!!
I am posting my Week 9 spread for Documented Life Project.  The challenge was to use something recycled.  I kept this Dietrich's Coffee cup when I knew they were closing their coffee shop biz.  They've been gone for a couple years... maybe more.  I think they may still sell wholesale.  Many people cried when the shops closed.  There were people who made clothing from their burlap coffee bags.  LOL  So this cup was so appropriate for the "recycled item" challenge.
~ calm ~

Saturday, February 22, 2014

DLP - Week 8

I have flipped my flap, or flapped my flap.  The challenge for week 8 was to add a flap to a flap.  The most difficult part of this challenge was scanning it…..I probably should have photographed it.  
The left side of the spread….my interpretation visually of "calm", my word for the year.
The right side of the spread….
I used the beautiful birthday card I received from my dear friend Shelley.  She moved to Arizona several years ago, and I really miss her.  This made the flap which I attached with washi tape.
Then I attached a flap inside this flap.  I turned the journal sideways so the quote would be readable.  The ginkgo leaves are the attached flap.  
And when opened it looks like this.
I think I contradicted myself by saying "Love is All We Need" and then saying a double shot of espresso can keep me happy!  Haha.
I certainly take "artistic license" when creating.
~ Calm ~

I've Got Mail!

Wonderful mail art arrived in my mailbox Thursday.  It's from my good friend and artist Jacki Long.  I love getting art in the mail….so much more exciting than the usual junk mail and bills.
Jacki did one of her paper collages on the back side.
First the front side….
and the back side….
Thanks, Jacki.
~ Calm ~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Couldn't Wait…..

to try this technique.  I saw a sample on  Angela Pound's Flickr site and she was kind enough to give credit to the site where she found the tutorial.
The tutorial for the "artsy composite technique" can be found on the aA website here.  It was a guest post from Ana Brown whose work can be seen here.  The aA website appears to be oriented to scrapbookers, but the tutorials are fairly sophisticated and can be applied to other artistic forms.  Some fun things to purchase and lots to explore on the website.
Here's my take on the technique…..
I printed out the instructions as they were quite lengthy.  I want to practice on this technique to improve my painting with a brush in PS.  I'm happy with this for a first attempt.  Just for fun, I edited the rose again using just Topaz Simplify filter.  You can see it on my Flickr site.  It looks somewhat similar but not as complex.
~ Calm ~

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DLP - Week 6

Week 6 of Documented  Life Project involves drawing inspiration from Pinterest or a magazine and work based on that inspiration.
My inspiration from Pinterest came from  an artist "Vicky Ink".  She has a terrific website featuring her illustrations. I loved her drawing of a peacock feather.    My
journal is too large to scan the entire spread.  
I journaled on the opposite side.
~ Calm ~

Sunday, February 16, 2014

DLP - Week 3 and More

It has taken me so long to complete this assignment.  We're on week 8 already, and I'm still on week 3.  So…….I made an executive decision.  I'm doing week 3, 4 and 5 on one spread.  
Week 3 - Add an envelope from mail
Week 4 - Write a secret message
Week 5 - Add a doodle border
The envelope was from Humane Society of the United States.  It had the cutest squirrel on it and when I opened the "return mail" envelope it had butterflies inside.  I added this envelope as a tip-in and decorated it with more butterflies.  I added little dots as a border to the spread and my "secret" message is in white writing which is almost undetectable.  On to the next week!!
I finally decided on my word for the year.
It's a state of mind that I need to focus on for well-being.  There has been so much stress in my life the past couple months.  I realized that I haven't played with my art much.  Art keeps me centered and calm.  I vow to play art every day if I can.  It's my form of meditation.
~ Peace ~