Thursday, August 28, 2014

Art District Grunge

Today I skipped the gym and gave myself permission to just play around on the computer.  I first did a black and white adjustment.
  I had the urge play with split toning, but instead I added a texture from Pixel Dust Photo Art…Bonnie calls it "Oh the Joy of Being".  Since it is two different colors, it gave me the look I wanted.  I always play around with blend modes and filters and I did that here as well.  I finished it off with a film strip border.
I don't feel the least bit guilty for skipping the gym!  Doesn't take a lot to make me happy!
~ calm ~

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Water Lily

Do you ever have to search through your images to find one you think would make a good Texture Tuesday?  Sometimes I do.  This week I navigated through Lightroom to find this water lily.  The image was rather ordinary.  I snapped it with my iPhone when I went to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.  With a little texture help and some Photoshop manipulation, I even impressed myself!
I applied two layers of Kim's "Pumpkin Grunge" to lose the background and applied a layer mask to brush the texture off the flower.  Then it looked like the perfect vehicle for a little fantasy.  So I wrote a mini story about it.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Links in Time

Snapped this image at the Latin American Museum of Art in Long Beach.

My friend, Jacki, taught me to take photos of small details in the main image.  And so I did.
and then I played with it.  I did a levels and saturation adjustment, added a layer of Kim's "Subtly Yours" on color burn at 83%, then a layer of Kim's "Cool Grunge" on difference at 100%.  Finally did a brightness/contrast adjustment.
It reminds me of those towers of champagne glasses spilling out champagne like a waterfall, the ones they have on cruises and at elegant hotel events.
Be sure to check out all the wonderful entries for this week's Texture Tuesday.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Going for 100 Faces

I love faces so much and have been playing around with them for some time.  I've taken several online classes….Jane Davenport, Sharon Tomlinson, Dina Wakley and Julie Fei_Fan Balzer.  I've decided the only way I'll get really good at it is to take Dina's challenge to do 100 faces.
So here are a few more

Right now I'm enjoying playing with backgrounds in my journal and drawing over them with a Stabilo All pencil.  I won't bore you with the really "bad" ones.  As Dina says, "If you draw a face and it's not good, just turn the page and do another one - you are the boss of your art!" Rest assured I have turned a few pages.  That's the nice thing about working in a journal.  It's there for practice.  I can show it or not.   Now if I can just get control of these spray inks.  I seem to get them everywhere but where I want them…mainly my hands.   
~ calm ~

Monday, August 11, 2014

Garden Girl

I've had this piece of garden art for almost 20 years.  
She is beginning to crumble, as am I.
I would really like to find something similar or in this vein. I've been to all kinds of websites and garden shops, but everything just looks junky or cutesy.  Every year I continue to look with no luck.  Ahhh, I guess there is not a substitute, so
she'll just keep crumbling.
For Texture Tuesday, I added Kim's "Leaf" texture and a layer mask which I played with until I got something I liked.  And then a brush for the postmark.  I like how Kim's texture shows the leaf in the upper left corner and the script over my garden pot.


~ Calm ~

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Three Hearts

Art journal play is the best form of therapy I can think of.  When I am playing in my journal or even when I'm creating something in Photoshop, I am truly in the moment.  It's a wonderful form of meditation.  I admire the way dogs, and all animals for that matter, live in the "now".  They seem to be perennially happy.  They just takes what comes.  I could use a lesson from my dogs.  I can just hear them saying to me "Don't sweat the small stuff….or any stuff!"
~ calm ~

Monday, August 04, 2014

Are You One of Those?


Before I get to "Are you One of Those"….
  I decided to play with a sketch I did in my journal.  It wasn't really intended but I always thought she resembled Drew Barrymore.
I first changed the image to black and white and worked with some filters and text….a quote from Ms. B of course.
I did a different take by keeping the color and adding filters and a fun vector.
…and finally for Texture Tuesday.  I used two copies of Kim's Antiques Texture over sepia.

Okay, on to my topic for today.
I see them everyday walking through a parking lot or across the street transfixed on their smartphones.  The other night hubby and I were at a restaurant waiting for a table, standing in the lobby with many others.  Almost everyone of them was on his smartphone. A couple sat on a bench each playing with his/her phone.  Didn't they come together???
So here's what I have to say for that….
I totally cracked up when I saw this!
~ calm ~

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Night Blooming Cactus

 A few years ago we removed the grass in our front and back yards.  The front looked like this before the removal
and this after the removal.
Hubby spent the better part of the next two years planting with drought tolerant plants, both California 
native types and succulents.  It now looks like this.
   I'm so glad he did this.
We are in a severe drought in California.  If we have to ration water, there will be many very brown lawns around here. 
The blooms on the cactus below are so large and gorgeous.  You do have to go out at  night to see them  though.  I caught this one very early in the morning just before it closed.
I processed two versions - one cropped to a 
square and textured with Kim Klassen's Prague texture.  I then edited it in Photoshop and Topaz Restyle and Topaz Adjust.  This one is my entry for Kim's Texture Tuesday.  
The image below was processed in Photoshop using Kim Klassen's Cool  Grunge texture.  You can see 
the buds above the bloom.  They probably opened the next night or two.  Such a treat. 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Making Faces

#5 in this series…..I did a spread which I'm going to post in a journal group.  First acrylic paint, some stencils and then the face drawn over the background.  I decided to journal right over her, and I may add journaling to the left side.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Let's Face It…..

I think the one below is in a twit because I cut her hair too short!
~ Namaste~