Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Starting to Paint Again

I lost my muse a few months ago.   I don't think I've ever gone so long.  I wondered where my inspiration was hiding and if it would ever return.  I just didn't feel creative either with photography or painting/drawing. Has this happened to you?  If so what do you do?  Hopefully I have found my muse once more.  I kept looking at other artists' work. I continued to work on Kim Klassen's classes.  I mean if I can't get inspired while watching her videos, then I am in real trouble.  I'm starting to paint again.  I thought it appropriate to photograph a few supplies and a couple base layer paintings.  I don't want to get too serious here just yet.

My favorite paints are Golden.  I have others - Liquitex is good too, but there is something about Golden.  I particularly like their fluid acrylics.  Sometimes I use specialty paints like Jacquard or Stuart Gill's "Byzantine".   The Byzantine line  is metallic and very beautiful.
Hope you all have a great day!
~ Create ~ 


Jacki Long said...

Glad you're at it again, you are so talented!
As for me, I don't have a muse, so I plod along
and when I am not in the mood to one thing
I shift to another and another till I
catch on to something that works? TMI?
Picasso said, "inspiration exists,
but it has to find you working".

Renuko Style said...

I have times like that too Marilyn. Especially if I have tapped out my creativity by working on something intense for a while. It definitely helps if you have a couple of different kinds of creative things going on to dabble in. I have my metal work. Also getting out and traveling around inspires me. Can't wait to see what you create!