Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Birthday Gift

What a delightful surprise!  My friend Jacki presented me with this silk scarf for my birthday.  I had fallen in love with it when our art group painted silk for a monthly project.  Jacki is quite a creative artist and I love her work. It's a long rectangular scarf (so long that I had to take two pics).

It was accompanied by this adorable card which she made.  She does these drawings she calls "stamp people" in which she uses a stamp commemorating one of the US presidents.  She embellishes the stamp by adding a body and colors the drawing.

Not sure which president this is - maybe Teddy Roosevelt?
It was a marvelous gift.  She remembered that I had oohed and ahhed over the scarf at the time, and so she surprised me!  Thanks, Jacki.  I will treasure them both.
~ create ~


Jacki Long said...

Thanks Marilyn, what a surprise!
I am so glad you like it and am
flattered by your kind words!

Lisa Gordon said...

I just love the scarf, Marilyn!
What a thoughtful gift.
Happy Birthday to you!