Friday, June 21, 2013

I really have been busy

I don't know what happened to the time.  It has flown by and I haven't posted for a week or so.
I really have been busy with so many researching for my kitchen redo.  Between the internet and asking friends I had so much info, it was  "analysis paralysis"!
I finally have made my decisions and I promise to post before and after pics.  I'm really only getting a new countertop, but you know how that goes......then I have to have a new sink and 
a new faucet.  While we're at it, might as well replace that garbage disposal which was never powerful enough.  1/2 hp just
doesn't cut it.  Yes, I meant the pun.
Okay so here's what else I've been up to.  
Our hostess for the Eastside Art group I'm in gave us a lesson in painting.  Most all the painting I've done is abstract.  This pic shows the beginning stage of the painting.
And......the finished product below
A big thank you to Jacki for taking the pics and sending to me.
A really big thank you to Erin for sharing her knowledge
with us and for such a fun day!!
Now for some pics of my face practice.  I'm loving Jane Davenport's "Supplies Me" online class.
The above was an exercise in drawing spheres and ovals.  I just filled in with faces.  Who cares if the eyes are a little wonky or the lips aren't quite right?  It's just practice  Below I drew a face over a journal page. 
Jane makes it so pressure.  Her videos are fun and inspiring.
Have a great week-end everyone.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Taking a Break

....from my faces.  Sometimes I feel like I've been doing this blog so long, my posts all look alike.  I'm stepping out of my comfort zone here and posting a photo that's a bit more abstract.....a little unusual for me.  As much as I adore flowers and nature,  I've been trying to look at shapes, angles, etc.  This shot was really different....I took it looking through the glass to a multi-level steel staircase structure. that I've posted something out of the ordinary for me, the next image is a still life which I "doctored" with Kim Klassen's "Abstract" texture and the
dry brush filter a couple times.  I think I may have also used the watercolor filter...can't remember.  
Now if you want to look at some faces, take a look at Ruth's newest blog "Tawny Moon Studio".  I do like her mixed media combinations.