Sunday, January 01, 2017

Welcome 2017

I welcome the new year.  The past four months have been waaaay too occupied with selling our property in Southern California and moving to the Phoenix area in Arizona.  It's hard to believe
we did it, but for many reasons it was the right decision for us.
So far, we love it. Of course we have yet to live through one of their famous summers here.  We may lock ourselves in the house with the A/C for those months. We are in a very active 55+ community and are taking advantage of some of the amenities like their gorgeous gym and fitness center.   Everyone is very friendly in our community and I suspect it's because we are all transplants from somewhere else.  They do fireworks here for New Years Eve as well as July 4.  I was so concerned about the dogs but we barely heard anything - dual paned windows really helped!  People in our little community didn't do fireworks.  We're past that stage in life.  So, it was an enjoyable evening for us.....and the dogs.
I don't know if artists are even blogging anymore except for my friend Jacki.  
My first piece of "art" for the new year is a piece of mail art which I'm sending to her.  Sorry, Jacki, you'll get the hard copy in a few days .

Glue stick is my friend these days and you know what they say about it.......

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