Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soul Search

I met an interesting woman this week at a local coffee shop. I found out in conversation that she and spouse run a non-profit dedicated to multi-cultural arts including visual, music and theatre. As we talked further, I told her I was an artist (I actually called myself an artist. I'm very proud of myself to have finally told a stranger that I'm an artist!!! instead of "I dabble in art"). She told me their exhibits are by invitation and they are geared more to underground artists and "post art". I had to laugh since I consider that a part of my art. She suggested I go to their website and read about them. Also suggested I submit some of my work. So I awakened at 4am with the idea for this piece of art. I could not go back to sleep and even contemplated getting up then to do it but decided not to wake up dh. This is the first of a series with a spiritual theme. I plan to submit a few more.

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