Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Walk in My Back Yard Garden

I hope I haven't disappointed my readers.  I've been out of circulation for a few weeks.

I've actually been off trying to get acquainted with Instagram (I know..... I'm a late bloomer).  I've also tried to be a little more active on Facebook, or at least looking at everyone else's posts to the Studio Online group.  I've been learning to really use my phone for images and editing those images.  I'm getting better.

I've contemplated closing my blog because it seems people are more active on IG and FB.  But.....after reading Carol Hart's post regarding same, I decided to keep it going for a bit longer.  I started it as a sort of diary/journal of my art work.  So really, it was primarily for me to keep tabs on my progression. 

 I discovered that what I love about blogging (aside from seeing my progression) is the personal connection with fellow artists.  Facebook and Instagram just don't do that in the same way.
Today I'm sharing a walk around my back yard garden.  These images were taken on my iPhone.
Wishing you a beautiful day!
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Nancy said...

I've struggled with the blog issue as well but like you after reading Carol's comments, I think I am going to stay around. So glad you have decided to as well. I have enjoyed taking the walk around your yard with you...So many beautiful plants you have to enjoy...Isn't it wonderful that we can use our phones to not only take pictures but process them as well.....

Jacki Long said...

Your yard looks terrific Marilyn,
I hope you don't stop blogging
I'd really miss your pretty pictures
and photo adventures! ;o)

Gail Pierce said...

Love the tour of your garden! I don't check in with blogs as much as I used to, but I do enjoy reading them. I find more inspiration on blogs so I do hope people I follow keep on blogging.
I know what you mean about closing down the blog. I've considered doing that but in the end even if I'm the only one reading it I find that I think differently about my work if I have a place to post about it. When you posted some comments about my photos on Instagram I was surprised seeing how I can't remember the last time I posted there. I've never kept up with Instagram, actually, I didn't remember that I had an account. I do check in with FB a couple of times a day and have posted a few photos on EyeEm. Anyway, I hope you continue your blog even if sporadically.

Renuko Style said...

I am so glad you decided to keep blogging Marilyn. Good for you for getting used to your iphone. I just can't get used to taking pics with my phone. Great job by the way. And what a lovely garden.

smiles, Sharon said...

Hi Marilyn, Such a coincidence that I read your blog, considering to blog or not. The reason it is a coincidence is that I have been contemplating the same, then opened blogger hoping to figure out my answer and there I found your post. I smiled. Many of us are reconsidering our priorities. Hopefully all resolve their personal dilemma with time. Your photographs of flowers are welcoming and beautiful. Your bottom collage is so well assembled...skillfull. And I assume you are going to continue on your path at your own pace. Like you, I have much to credit to Kim Klassen. But for me, I sign up, get started, then disconnect. Not because of the subject but due to personal time demands that don't slow down. This creates guilt, sadness and loss of connection. It is tiresome, to me, to always apologize for my tardiness, lack of responding to others and such. Maybe my expectations were set to high for the small amount of time I have to create, be it blogs, art or photography. I wish you well as you choose to continue with your lovely blog. Once, twice, three times a month? What you do compose will be lovely and enjoyed by many. Best wishes, Sharon