Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Berry Love

As members of Kim's Studio Online group, we are given prompts to play with.  A most recent prompt was "berries".
If you're a photographer, I'm sure you've had a few shoots, especially still lifes, that have given you less than exciting results.  I have done three different shoots for the "berries" prompt.  So frustrating, I wasn't even going to post my photos.  However I decided to post as every shoot is a learning experience.  These are the best of 80 shots on different days.  I used Kim's "Prairies" preset for this one.
Below I used her "Raw" preset.  I like the wide aperture setting on this one as it blurs the background.
I was determined to use my vintage table cloth for this shoot.  It was a bit of a challenge to keep the overall image clean and uncluttered looking.  I used Topaz Simplify for the painterly look  of the two images below.

Finally, my Canva layout.  Still learning how to use their labels.
Have a great week everyone!
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Jacki Long said...

Beautiful Marilyn, I like them All! ♥♥♥

Renuko Style said...

Such awesome berry stills Marilyn!! I really love the ones with the vintage table cloth, it's so neat how the edit makes it look painted. Got to check that out.


Beverly said...

Such a marvelous post Marilyn! I love the behind the scenes of the struggles and how you pressed through! To me every prompt is a learning experience. I absolutely love your berries in the crystal! And always a painterly effect on fruit! So happy you shared it all!