Thursday, July 09, 2015

Wednesday Photo Shoot

 Seems Texture Tuesday is on hiatus.  But, I've been more involved with Lightroom anyway and Texture Tuesday was all about layering textures over photos.  These days we can get gorgeous looks with presets in LR.  Sad to lose TT though.
We have one tomato plant in a pot that overwintered.  Our nighttime winter temps in So. Calif. have only dipped below 60 degrees maybe in Dec or Jan. this year.  We have an overabundance of tomatoes - bright, juicy, flavorful and  so much better than store purchased tomatoes.  They were part of my shoot this week.
I also shot some photos of this teacup and chocolate.

For some interest I clipped a rosebud and some thyme from the garden.  I now have the thyme hanging upside down to dry.....didn't want to throw it away and didn't need it in the dish I cooked.  This china was my mother's.  I think it was the first china she purchased after she married or maybe it was her wedding china. It's Syracuse china and actually says "Made in America".  How old is that???
Hope all you lovelies are having a great week.  If you're a photographer, try putting a little Lightroom love in your life.
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Jacki Long said...

Beautiful Marilyn, so good that you can almost taste the tomatoes ans sip the tea! ;o)