Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tada!!!! I finished my paper collage of my granddaughter Malia. Malia is a ball of energy. She came out of the womb screaming and wiggling, and she is still screaming and wiggling at 8 years of age. From the time she awakes (early) until 9 or 10pm, she is constantly on the move. And then suddenly, she just drops and is sound asleep. I would give anything to have that energy!!!! She is funny, creative and, of course because she is my grand, very smart. She is a terrific sales person and a bit lazy. If she can "con" someone else into doing her work, she will. She's very good with math, but when playing Yahtzee, she asked for a calculator. My husband told her she would need to figure out the scores in her head or no Yahtzee. Amazingly she did it and very quickly. Her birthday is the 28th, and I plan to give her this collage. I'm not sure that she will think it's so great, but I think she will appreciate it when she is older. I remember some gifts I received in my younger years. My parents had some intellectual friends who always gave me books. An example -- a book on the life of Albert Schweitzer. I was not at all excited about it. I was 10 at the time. I thought it was a totally boring gift!!

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Mary S Hunt said...

I think she is adorable!!!
I too did a granddaughter collage for my dear daughter in laws b-day a couple of weeks ago
everyone loved it

the "plan" is to collage the other 3 children and do a family composite
I hope i get them all done to my liking
finding the TIME!

I find your work quite delightful, insightful, and educational. Thankyou for all the information, I and I am sure, others appreciate your time it takes to place the information here to reference.

See you in group..