Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bird Talk

I started this with an image of wild birds and then got the idea to cut out my own bird from newspaper. I glued that to the support. I then used the negative left from cutting out the bird and made two more impressions. I added the sheet music to indicate birds singing (talking). There are lots of layers of acrylic paint on this. I wanted to use my label maker to add the words "Bird Talk" but thought about it and decided to leave it. It's hard to know when you're done. But I'd rather err on the underdone side. I must have my mind on birds as we just purchased outdoor cages and about 14 parakeets. I love watching their antics. They are little clowns. I also love their chattering. It just makes me feel happy.

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Helene said...

Hi Marilyn,

Is this the one you auctioned? Anyway I love all your work and think you would do well to have a showing.

Much love,