Saturday, September 29, 2007


This was a fun collage - inspired by Lynne Perella. I'm sure nobody will notice. Lots and lots of layers of paint and images. I had bent some wire into a figure 8 "swirl". I had it on my work table and kept trying to figure out where to use it. I thought I might use it on a card, but it just wasn't appropriate for the cards I made (besides I haven't made many cards recently). Then it just seemed perfect to go over his mask.

Bird Talk

I started this with an image of wild birds and then got the idea to cut out my own bird from newspaper. I glued that to the support. I then used the negative left from cutting out the bird and made two more impressions. I added the sheet music to indicate birds singing (talking). There are lots of layers of acrylic paint on this. I wanted to use my label maker to add the words "Bird Talk" but thought about it and decided to leave it. It's hard to know when you're done. But I'd rather err on the underdone side. I must have my mind on birds as we just purchased outdoor cages and about 14 parakeets. I love watching their antics. They are little clowns. I also love their chattering. It just makes me feel happy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

GloryDays 2

Okay, it's finished I think. I added borders, a packing tape transfer, some text and a rubber stamp over her eye. I think that's enough. The altered pic on the right side is of two of my recruiters getting awards for their sales.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Bad Drawings"

Sometimes I get anxious looking at a blank page in my journal. But then I think of the quote (don't know who said it) that went something like "Give yourself permission to make bad drawings". After all, it's just a cheap journal. There are days when the ideas flow so well, and then there are those days when I go to my supplies, close my eyes and pick three things to work with. It does make me use things that are sitting on my supply shelf. Journaling can be like cooking. I have a whole box of recipes, recipes on the itnernet, cookbooks, a pantry full of food and I cook the same things over and over. I have so many inspirational books for art. That is my primary source for ideas. Teesha Moore said to look at magazines upside down, so that your brain cannot see the symbols. That makes for better images and paper backgrounds to use in my journaling. On this page I used a photo I took and altered in Photoshop. I punched some flowers out of that photo. I then used the "negative" of the punches, a bit of watercolor crayon and covered over some drawings I did not like.


Some musings that don't matter to anyone. I saw this quote posted on a company's "billboard" seen from one of our local freeways. They always have really cool quotes.

Memorial Day

A little late to be adding this since Memorial Day came and went. But I never do anything in the correct order, so why start now. On this one I used watercolors, rubber stamp and a transparency of a drawing I did of found things in nature.