Thursday, February 12, 2009


Acrylic underpainted watercolor paper. Torn paper collage affixed with acrylic polymer medium.


marianne said...

hi marilyn- love it! for some reason your blog updates aren't showing up for me and i was wondering where you went, so i was glad to see you stop by & comment today

Sharon said...

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks so much for your comment! Ruff is wonderful so much interesting and intricate detail.
What materials did you use besides paper? LOve the color!

Sharon said...

HEY! Did you see Robert Plant at the Grammy awards!

40 yrs ago Led Zepplin came into my father's restaurant in Boston --- KEn's at Copley. At the time the dress code was no tank tops on men. He was asked to leave. Someone called and said "do you know who this is?" Ken the co-owner with my Dad who could have cared less and had no idea about rock groups was unimpressed. He said tell him to put on a shirt and he can come in!
Ken who is now 87, still refers to the group as THE Led Zepplin which we laugh about to this day.

I share this becasue I see you are a fan. ;)

Diane said...

This is incredible. That dog is precious & all the colors are wonderful. Beautiful work, Marilyn.