Thursday, October 08, 2009

Three Days to Go

Only three days until we cruise with Tim Holtz to the Mexican Riviera.  Seven glorious days to relax and play.  Lots of workshops with Tim and Wendy Vecchi.  Hopefully there will be sunshine uninterrupted.  I'm taking my point and shoot digital and hoping to get some good photos of the colors of Mexico.  I find it interesting that my home is decorated in neutral tones (lots of white and off-white) and yet I use vibrant, wild colors in my art.  Is that indicative of a split personality?  I still have much to pack.  I don't know how anyone can pack ahead of time.  I don't own that many clothes.  I also don't want my clothes wrinkled anymore than can be helped.  So.... I'm always packing at the very last minute.  Oh, but I have my lists!  Invariably, though, I forget something.  The great thing about this cruise is I don't have to bring ANY art supplies with me.  Every last thing is supplied.  I was on Tim's website and looking at pictures of the masses of boxes that were being picked up to deliver to the ship.  Woa!!!!!  That's a lot of play power!  I've got my ATC's ready to go, and I'm excited!!!  
No posts for a week, but I'll have stuff to post when I get home.
Meantime here's my latest portrait.
She's got Betty Davis eyes!!!!   


Trudi Sissons said...

Darn Marilyn - if I knew there was a cruise like that I would have signed up for sure! You must be pumped! Lucky girl! You will have so much fun. And your latest post is wonderful - I love what you've been focusing on.

Have a good time!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Marilyn - See you on Sunday! My atc's and tags are completed, my bags are 1/2 packed, picked my sil/bff from JW airport this morning, got my pedicure last night and am on my way now to get my manicure. Yes, I am soooooo ready for this vacation!! *smiles*

Lisa said...

Wow. It's even closer now. :) Have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see the pics!