Sunday, January 03, 2010

Is it finished?
What a difference in the color from my previous post.  The first post photo was taken outside and this post photo was taken inside.  This post is much closer to the actual colors.  Lighting does make such a difference. 
I had thought I would add a lot more to this but it seemed to say it was finished.  Sometimes it's hard to know just when to quit.    I think I'll stop here.  I can always go back and add or change.   I'm betting I won't though.  If only life were like that - the ability to go back and change something.  Looking back at this year though, I would not change a thing in my world.    I'm grateful for it exactly as is.    


Sharon said...

I like this Marilyn! The green area makes me want to touch it and turn it back like a page. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!
"See " you in class. :) I love saying that!

Seth said...

How wonderful to look back and not want to change one thing!!

Linda Mitcheltree said...

LOVE it Marilyn! Is it a painting or digital? Great colors, how big is it? Keep creating! Wish we were cruising in Mexico right now! LINDA