Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Working On

I've been out of the loop here for a while.  I took an acrylic class in Pasadena from Chris Cozen.  It was a busy class all day long and lucky for the students -- there were only fifteen of us.  Chris showed us how to get the most from the Golden line - fluid acrylics, various mediums, the new open acrylics and the air brush acrylics.  The new open acrylics are terrific for monoprints.  Mine looks like this.

From this plate I made a couple prints and used them as collage pieces 
  This is certainly not the  most exciting art work here.  But then Chris said our class was technique driven and we would not go home with a finished project. I learned so much in this class.
Oh, and the airbrush paints are to die for!!!  They are so highly pigmented, the colors are dazzling.  They are almost like a watercolor ink but much more stable.  I had never used them.  That's what I used on the above collage.

Chris teaches online classes with Julie Prichard.  Check out the workshops to see if any tantalize your muse.  I'm definitely signing up for at least one and maybe a couple more.  They are really affordable.  


marianne said...

i have chris' book altered surfaces & refer to it often. it's more about using different acrylic mediums- but lots of fun stuff! look forward to seeing what else comes from the class.

Diane said...

Sounds like fun, Marilyn. I took one of Julie's classes once.
Love your photoshop stuff!
Hugs, Diane