Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Texture Deconstructed

Yesterday I posted some textures I had made.  Today I'm going to share some of the process.  I gessoed a piece of sturdy cardstock.  When that was dry I applied some collage items -- postage, tickets, old papers and a piece of paper doily.  I painted with a darker color wiping selected areas to allow the collage items to peek through.

I then painted with a light color such as titanium white.  I added some titan buff in a few areas including applying it with bubble wrap.  When this layer was dry I rubber stamped on it.  I tried to leave the center area a bit lighter and uncluttered as this is most likely where my subject would be on the photo image below the texture.

Finally I opened in Photoshop and played with blending modes and filters.  I also added  a custom Photoshop brush around the edges.  Voila, it's ready to use as a texture over another image.  

This is the final product.  It is a freebie.  Feel free to download it and use in your work.
Enjoy and have a wonderful day


Seth said...

I always love to see how things are created. Thanks for taking the time (and the photos) to do this.

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Beautiful new work Marilyn and I love your new blog layout.