Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Week for TT

For this week's Texture Tuesday I used the same image from last week and a different "recipe" plus Kim's "golden" texture.
Have a great day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Too Soon

I used Kim's "February Magic Edges" texture on this photo for Texture Tuesday's challenge.

Just yesterday my baby granddaughter was born and today she is almost grown.  I look at her and 
wonder where the time went.  
She is a junior in high school.  We are going to
look at colleges next week.  I sometime wish
they could stay young and innocent 
forever.  Soon she will graduate from college.  Perhaps she will marry and have children and/or have a wonderful career.  I wish for her 
all the happiness and success she could
ever want.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sketch Practice

Small sketch and watercolor practice -- I tell myself I'm going to sketch every day, but the days do get away and I really have to push myself.  I find it relaxing and I enjoy doing it.  It is just finding the time or making the time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

For Love

My entry for Texture Tuesday
This image was a challenge to work with - tried several textures and played with
the blend modes and filters.  
I finally settled on Kim's "Cool Grunge" and  "February Magic".  Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.  They just look romantic and 
old fashioned with their beautiful pompoms and leafy green foliage.

Have a beautiful Tuesday and be sure to click on the badge here to see many more works of art using Kim's textures.

The beauty of Nature

Rose w French Script

Oooh la la, a beautiful texture from Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art and gorgeous French script brushes from French Kisses Textures transform this simple photo of a rose into a more interesting image.  Do visit their websites and enjoy the creativity.  I could spend several hours on those websites alone.
I've been using Flickr's Picnik editor to get some different looks.  Here I used the Mirror frame.  There are so many ways to change an image to give it some drama.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild & Free

I've always loved watching fish in acquariums as well as in the wild.  These koi live at the Sherman Gardens, a botanical garden in our area.  I'm fascinated by their beauty, grace and gorgeous colors.  
The texture I used is "goldust wonder" by Pixel Dust Art
                  “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”  ~ Aristotle

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late for a Very Important Date!!

My entry for Texture Tuesday.  I used two layers of Kim Klassen's "frosted" texture.  Click on the Texture Tuesday icon in the sidebar to see more of this week's submission.

Have a full of wonder week.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Sketches of the Moment

A couple sketches from last week. I edited them in Picnik on Flickr to add the frames.   I'm just using a cheap sketchbook for journaling so the paper buckles a bit. They are done in the moment very quickly. 

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mouseover Technique!

Yay, I was finally able to post using the mouseover technique or rollover technique. If you rollover the image you will then see the original image. A huge thank you to Geri Centonze of My Heart Art for helping me with the technique. Thanks, Geri, for writing the code for me. I was so exasperated that I could not get it just right myself.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Garden Collage

Have a full of wonder day!!

In My Friend's Garden

In my friend's garden I am excited with all the beautiful flowers and all the romantic decor -- birdhouses, birdbaths, ornamental sculpture.  Every time I see her, I bring my camera and snap the progression. 

It is now June.  The weather has been cool all spring in Southern California, so her garden is a riot of bloom.Her garden reminds me of my grandmother's backyard.  My grandmother had a green thumb.  She could throw a seed, and she would have a showpiece of blooms in no time.

We had veggies all year because my grandmother and mother would spend hours canning -- green beans, tomatoes and peaches.  They would make "bread and butter" pickles.  

There were snapdragons, peonies, roses, geraniums, marigolds and zinnias.  
From the most difficult to grow to the almost weeds, she could grow them, and they all looked like they were meant to be together.  
Thanks to Phyllis, I can bring forth those memories of my grandmother's backyard.


"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers."~ Claude Monet