Friday, April 19, 2013

New Sky

One of our lessons this week in Beyond Layers 2 is replacing a dull sky with something more exciting.  This image, though I love the landscape, is not a good photograph.  
I took this shot last year.  It was spring time in the back bay, wildflowers were in bloom.  The light just wasn't right and the exposure was terrible.  Never thought I'd use it but this week was my opportunity to see what I could do with it.
I found this image I took in Arizona.  It had a lovely sky full of billowy clouds.  What to do with that street light though.  Fortunately the sky in the original photo was just a narrow band, so I didn't need to use the entire sky from the "sky" photo.
With Kim's instructions I took this sky and put it together with the other image using a layer mask.
Still not the perfect photo but much improved.  I can see
how this technique can be really useful.
Now I can go through my stash and see what other photos I can redeem.


Kim Stevens said...

I'm so far behind in the class - love how you were able to pop the photo with the new sky!

Sherri Cassell said...

Wow,great job and what a difference! I signed up for the Beyond Layers 2 and have not event started it yet!

Diana said...

Love your blog. Met in Kim's Beyond Beyond class.

Nina said...

Wow - very well done! Such a great technique to possess! I'm taking the Texturize- course with Kim Klassen, learning to use textures,NAND the Photoshop (I have a 30 day trial version ... It's a rather complicated program, but Kim is so good in guiding you through :)