Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I'm Still Here

Yes, I am still here.  This drawing thing does take some time.  Even though these are not portrait drawings, I still take a long time.  Plus I'm trying to use various art mediums.  Let me catch you up to date. 
I drew my lovely "Lavender Girl" and collaged a paper napkin around her. 
Her hair was done with watercolor ink which did not do well over the glue that I collaged with.  What to do??? I decided to gesso over her hair and I actually liked the lighter color.  I added a flower over her ear.
I took these photos in different locations.  I apologize for the poor quality but she was too big to fit my scanner.  
I love her little face.  The hair is not my fave but for now I'm satisfied.  Jane Davenport's class is all about having fun and drawing faces more stylistically.  I think mine will be going to "Mermaid School".  She has that look.  I know I will be able to turn these out faster with practice.  I do love drawing them so I don't really care that it takes so much time....it's really rather meditative.  I got lost in "Lavender Girl".

On another note, I worked on my sunflower painting.  Erin taught me a few tricks for "fixing" what I might not like.
I think I like it much better now.
I'm wishing you all a beautiful July 4th and all the friends and family and FOOD that goes with it!!

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Diane said...

She is really lovely...beautiful face!