Thursday, November 28, 2013


Grand #1 is a sophomore in college - in the school's nursing program.  She is preparing a report for an assignment.  It's pretty much on the order of doing an intake for a patient entering the hospital.  The info is to be on a senior person.  So of course she called me.  We decided to have breakfast and I would supply all the answers to her questions.  Quite extensive I must say.  Another piece of the assignment was to do some sort of art/craft project with the person.  She also has to submit a log 
of the individual's (my) food intake for a day.  Yikes!! 
My art group was hosted by Jacki this month, and she gave us all journals to play in.  She had us do a couple exercises, one of which was drawing a face.  The only tool we could use with the acrylic paints was a credit card.  
So I suggested we do a credit card painting for Kiana's project.  She did one too but left with it before I could scan it :(
Blessings and joy to you all on this day of Thanksgiving.


Jacki Long said...

I LOVE it and I think I can tell you had fun doing it? More, please?

Carole M. said...

that's a really good credit-card project you completed Marilyn. Nice that you could supply all the answers for your GD and help with her assignment

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am amazed and inspired by this challenge of drawing a face with the only tool being a credit card. Well done Marilyn!