Sunday, July 06, 2014

Weeks 16, 18 and 20

I keep trying to catch up and let's face it, things just take me a while.  I realize this is a journal, but I have to please myself.  Seems some pages sit on my workspace far too long,  but it's because I haven't found the sweet spot yet.  I know I could just post something, but I'm sure you all feel as I do…..I don't care if it's not perfect…. I do care if it doesn't please me!
Week 16 involved adding a piece of cardboard from a food box.  
I just really wanted to use this Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins box because I l-o-v-e them so much.  They are dangerous for me.  But I didn't have a spread I felt I wanted to put it on.  I had drawn the face, so I added it as a tip-in to this page that had a dictionary page glued to it.  Since the previous spread below was very colorful and reminded me of crows, I thought I could just sketch some crows.  Ha!  I need a bit more practice.  The page looked boring with not a lot of visual interest so I decided to add my cat stamp as a border, thus fulfilling week 20's theme of using a rubber stamp in an unusual way.  I don't know how unusual this border is, but I loved the cats with the birds.
Now doesn't this look a little like an abstract crow?  Anyway…..this is the other side of the tip-in with an inspirational quote (requested for week 18).  It's a bit hard to read but says "Art is music frozen in time" followed by "Music creates order out of chaos", a quote by Yehudi Menuhin.  I've always liked this quote.

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Jacki Long said...

Of course I especially like the wold colors ...
and I do see a crow!
Me thinks you are too hard on yourself?
Just sayin' ;o)