Monday, February 09, 2015

Room to Breathe

I've longed for an eternity
To return to this space
Of silence, of stillness
~Jason Westlake~

Week 2 of Be Still 52 is all about room to breathe. This means taking time to be still and just breathe as well as leaving room in our photos to breathe (white space).  
My exercise for giving myself room to breathe was this painting.
I wanted the airy, ethereal feel of a wash.  It's an exercise that gives me calm and serenity.
For Texture Tuesday and Be Still I took these photos.  I'm using my new crate I found at Behind the Picket Fence flea market Saturday.
I used Kim's "Dark Light" preset above. All editing was done in Lightroom.
Above I used Kim's "Serendipitous" preset.  It almost looks as if it has a texture applied.
This final photo was a preset experiment 

The preset was MoodyDark with slight vignette.  Visit Kim's site
by clicking on the badge below.  You will see a lot more creativity there.

Kim Klassen dot com

Hope you all have a beautiful week.  
~ Give ~


Jacki Long said...

Beautiful work Marilyn!
I love them all!

elizabeth said...

I love that beautiful gerbera daisy. Your edits are lovely.

Britta said...

Nice work! I like your photos!

Viv@Thoughts from the Desktop said...

Oh so pretty, I love the dark moody look..

Michelle B said...

Love your Be Still image! The color is beautiful. The crate was a fantastic find, the texture is perfect for photos.

abrianna said...

Your painting does have an ethereal feel. I like the deep blue background in that last shot.

Leovi Leovi said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful flower! I love these pictures!

Dotti said...

So lovely! I love the gerbera

Sharon said...

All lovely images of your pink daisy. My favorite is the last one because of the blue tone of the background against the pink. So pretty!

EarlK said...

Beautiful photos. I really like the bottle.

Petra Pavl√°tkov√° said...

I love the "Be still" version, it's beautiful.