Sunday, January 24, 2016

Food for the New Year

After reading Carol Hart's  beautiful post I was inspired to purchase this cookbook.  It has so many wonderful recipes, and it's not about dieting or losing weight.  It's really about eating healthfully.  I've made a couple of the dishes and they are delicious.  
She also posted about a wonderful lemon detox drink consisting of warm water, lemon juice a smidge of maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  It's very comforting first thing in the morning.  I've heard that warm lemon water is alkalinizing to the body.

After my previous post I decided to use some of my lemons for the detox tea.  Yum!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

When Life (Friends) Give You Lemons.....

Yesterday we visited with Rob and Sharon who just moved into their brand new home.  It is right out of a magazine....beautiful finishes and a pale gray/cream color palette.
They made lunch for us....a magnificent technicolor raw salad including artichoke hearts, and both black and green olives.  We also had a delicious tuna salad which I put on top of the veggie salad.  Sorry, I did not make pictures of these salads.  They were certainly pretty enough.
They gave us a bag of lemons from a bag they received from friends.
I could not let one of these beauties go to waste so I got out my juicer which my mom gave me years ago.  I love this juicer.  It is so old and just keeps on juicing.  It's a Procter Silex "Starflite".  On the bottom, it says it was made in the USA and the warranty is void after Dec. 1969.  Wow, they don't make them like they used to.
I have a thought.  We could keep so much trash out of the landfills if we just made our goods in the USA out of good materials like we used to.  How about that.  You wouldn't even need to have extended warranties since things would last!

I sliced one of the lemons and froze the slices on a tray.  Then I put those in a zip lock freezer bag.  I zested several lemons and put them in a jar to keep in the freezer.
 Here the juicer is in all its glory! You can even see some rust marks on the body.  The actual reamers large and small are made of porcelain.
Happy New Year to all.  May you have peace and joy in 2016.