Thursday, March 23, 2006

Potted Plants #1 and #2

Two more attempts at the potted plant -- this time really observing it. The first attempt was very deliberate and slow. I tried another time and just tried to do a looser sketch. By now the plant and I are becoming one. We are really seeing each other. I truly got so much from the book "The Zen of Seeing" I highly recommend it for people who are just learning to sketch/draw.


Lin said...

THESE ARE SO NICELY DONE!!! I love the one on the right best -- you can see how you were able to loosen your lines and sketch with so much ease! BRAVA!!!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...
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Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Yeah, the plants are great. And the blind contour drawing really is valuable, I think. (Though I haven't done it in a while.) Good work.