Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gel Medium Transfer

I forgot to post this transfer, so it's out of order. You can scroll down to the next image to see that there are several images with instructions for various methods of image transfer. This one was done on watercolor paper that first had been washed with acrylic. Then I applied regular heavy body acrylic paint and while still wet placed a magazine image face down. You must let this dry overnight. Don't get in a hurry. It has to be good and dry. Then lightly sand the back of the image, spritz with water and rub off the paper. You can also use a clear acrylic gel for this, but I wanted to try it in a color. I think the results would have been better if applied to a lighter color of acrylic paint. Perhaps the edges would not have been as visible.


Shona Cole said...

Marilyn, just checking you out! Lovely art work here. I have tried transfers, but found them to be time consuming and I don't always get what I was going for, so I have been lazy and reverted to using printed images and then gluing and sanding them! But I need to get out some solvents and have a transferring art day!
I saw on your bio you have greyhounds, I have one too! My friend rescued him but they didn't have the space for him so now we have him. Do your follow you like a little lap dog? Mine does, everywhere I go, there goes Sir Charles :)

gina said...

I just purchased a heavy gel and found a bottle of liquid gel medium. I have to try this as I had no luck with transfers at all! Thanks for visiting and my blog is prefabircated! I'm not smart enough to tinker with it and have no time as well,lol!