Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lazertran Transfers

Both of these were done on masonite squares -- the above square has a layer of gesso which was scribed and then washed with acrylic. The tile below was covered with aluminum (plumber's) tape, scribed and washed with acrylic. The transfer is a photocopy done on Lazertran paper. No inkjet printer. Must be regular toner copier. Follow instructions on Lazertran package, but to give you as much as I know, soak the photocopy in water until you can start to slide it from its backing. Then remove from water and blot really well with paper towel. Then place the image face up on the surface after having slid it partially from backing. Then you can hold the top of the backing and slide the image off on to the surface. Take care when doing this as the image can tear. Also be careful when you place it on the surface because once it's down, it's pretty much down! Then dip a cheap brush in artists' turpentine and starting from the middle brush out (make an "X") and smooth out any bubbles with the brush. You may need to hold up to the light and tilt to make sure all the bubbles have been smoothed out. It's a smelly process, so those of you who are sensitive to the odors or chemicals may not want to do this process. A word of caution, this will not work with turpoid (the odorless turpentine).

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