Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stained Tissue Collage

I covered up some of the red and put a few finishing touches on. I like this a lot better. It was too large to scan, so I propped it on the floor to take photo. Unfortunately, it makes the focal point collage look crooked. Now back to staining and decorating tissue paper -- I need to work with my natural papers too. I used 13 x 17 mat board. For the tissue paper, I used white tissue and diluted fluid acrylics. Also used black gesso on front and back of one tissue and then added metallic acrylic. Stamped some tissue paper. Also stained some Japanese paper. Adhered all with matte medium. I then adhered decorative papers and the central collage. Voila! More detailed instruction can be seen on instructional DVD called Watermedia Collage Workshop by Carrie Burns-Brown. You can rent it through Smartflix here or purchase from Creative Catalyst Productions here


Kelly said...

What a lovely collage! It's always so great to see work people have done with Carrie's DVD. (My day job is as an editor and I worked on Carrie's DVD. I'm also a art/craft enthusiast and spending all day watching Carrie make those papers was like a dream :)

You're blog is great! So much creativity!

ps- I had such a hard time proving I wasn't a robot. The code I had to type was tybgvbgb, and I had to redo it 4 times. (eeek!)

Mary S Hunt said...

umph! I like this one TOO!

Two Dresses Studio said...

Me again - I have Carrie's DVD too - it's a great tutorial and I did make lots of papers but I've never used them all at once - like you have done so successfully here. This is just like one of hers!