Thursday, June 05, 2008

Heart Failure

Some of you may remember this disaster! I used shredder paper and mixed with glue to form the heart. I then added the black fluid acrylic across the heart. Let's just say it was not the effect I was looking for. Since I had "ruined" my painting, I then began to experiment all over the painting -- I used self leveling gel in one corner. I used tar gel in another corner. I made another heart using strips of funnies from the paper. I experimented with more black dribbles - inks and paints - to achieve this masterpiece. I made a new painting for my husband, but I could not throw this canvas away. Someone suggested sanding it down. But the glue was so hardened I would have needed an electric sander. Probably would have destroyed the canvas. What to do? Well, just paint over it and make another painting. Somehow I had to cover the bumpy heart as I did not want that same image. I coated with black gesso. Still too much texture in the shape of a heart. I coated with Venetian plaster fairly thick and waited for it to dry. Voila! I began a new painting which is posted below "Illusion". So never throw away a disaster. It can always be fixed.


Arome de Relax said...
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This 'n That said...

wow Marilyn.......I sure do remember the shaggy heart! Good save woman.....I love it! I will forever remember not to toss...just rework........yours is proof