Friday, June 27, 2008

Sister Mary "Lotus"

Mike just loves to tease his sister because she teaches at a Catholic school and they were all raised in the Catholic church with nuns, some of whom he was not overly fond. Every year for Virginia's birthday he has to come up with something new. This year it was dress up Lotus as a nun. He loved this picture because it reminded him of some of the nuns who were less than agreeable? So meet Sister Mary "Lotus" of the Ascension. That's what he calls her in this picture. I made a card with Sister Mary "Lotus" on the front. Everyone got a huge laugh out of this. I'm always worried someone in the family will be offended but they never are. Besides, who could be offended at our beautiful Lotus. I don't think the convent would accept her though.

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Diane said...

This is really hilarious! I love a good sense of humor & he has it. What a great looking dog! A very kissable face!