Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lazy Days

Summer is here in all her finery. The yard is looking great, the birds are happy. The red rump parakeets have given us four eggs in their nesting box. We shall see what emerges. This is our first breeding of birds. Dh breeds leopard geckos with ease. I love watching my budgies. They are little chatterboxes and clowns. All of our birds are a nice addition to the garden. This is my favorite time of year for the weather. The marine layer has left us and the sun shines bright all day long. Average high is in the mid-70's. So I can open all the windows and let the ocean breezes blow in. I have been busy visiting so many blogs. Each time I visit a blog, I click on the links they have posted. It makes for a good day looking at so much diverse art. Wow, the talent just blows me away. There's fabric art, assemblage art, paper art, jewelry, glass art and much more. It's a veritable feast for the eyes. And then there are the photos of people's travels. I can go to Greece or Italy or wherever without ever leaving my chair and computer. Thanks everyone for sharing and making my lazy days so interesting.


lyn said...

Hi! Nice blog, beautiful yard, love the dogs. Lydia is a friend, I'm also in S. Cal. I hope I was the "Jewelry and Glass" blog you visited! Some days I spend too much time looking around at blogs it is amazing what is out there!
Continued success!

Ps said...

What a lovely garden!!

trisha too said...

your yard (and art too!) is lovely.

please show us the baby birds!