Monday, July 14, 2008

A rose is a rose is a rose...

Some fun with Photoshop. I am so excited I have found on-line computer classes at So I have signed up and have started the Photoshop Elements 5 class. I have learned so much in just the first few exercises. These first exercises are really just about how to navigate in Photoshop. I haven't gotten to the fun artsy stuff yet. I like this site though because for $25/month I can take as many classes as I wish and I can go at my own speed. I think I found this link on someone's blog - but can't remember whose. I've been on so many blogs in the past week or so and every time I go to a new blog, I look at all their links. I call it "Lost in Blog Heaven". I have to be a little careful or I don't get any art done. I actually did this rose photo before I started the class, but by the time I finish the class, who knows -- this rose could be made to look like something from outer space.

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