Monday, September 01, 2008

Prom Girl

Finally, some time to do journal art. I've been so wrapped up with preparation of 120 4 x 4 pages for the fatbook swap that I've not taken time to do whatever my muse wants to do. I loved doing the art work for the swap. It's just the production nature of it becomes a little tedious. I can hardly wait to see what the 119 other pieces will look like. There are so many really talented people signed up for this swap. Each person is signed up for a different technique. And thanks to Sherre for being the moderator/coordinator. She has her work cut out for her, no pun intended!

1 comment:

janey said...

This is really pretty. How many do you have to do? That's one big book of art. Hope you post all of them or at least the one you like the best.