Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mini Zine/Journals

I promised to post my finished project using some art supplies that are neglected. I randomly picked several items with no idea what I would do with them. You can see the items in the previous post. The easiest project was a mini book. Here are three samples of these books. The one titled "Scrap Book" was the one I did for this project, and it was also a way to use up some ephemera, scraps and papers I've been hoarding. I know none of us does this, but.....I still have lots and lots of scraps even after my last purge. It's so simple. I just pick some sort of painted or decorated cardstock and cut to size to be the cover and fold it in half. I then cut slightly smaller pieces of whatever -- painted papers, specialty papers or cardstock and decorate them with scraps. I "bind" the book using a couple staples (so you have to leave about 1/4 to 1/3" clearance as that part will be stapled over). Then I glue on some type of ornamentation to hide the staples. EASY!!!! You could even use ATCs and bind this way. My pages are not quite but almost that size.

My least favorite supply was the "blow pens" - Why exhaust my lungs when I could just use misters?? I'm sure there was a really important reason I purchased them at the time.


Barb said...

Love you mini books Marilyn!
Oh, that reminds me, I have some "blow" pens somewhere -- wouldn't be surprised if they are all dried up!!

seth said...

Great use of scraps. the mini books look really great!

peata said...

great minis.
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Lisa said...

Glad you got your comments fixed. Now I can tell you here how much I love these little books. You did a great job with them.

Ps said...

Wow--They look great Marilyn.What is ATC ? I am not familiar with that term.
I too hoard diff kinds of paper--may be I'll try this.
Thanks for posting this.

Glo said...

Great idea Marilyn! I also just love your slide show. I could gaze all day :)

TonyaA said...

Wow! I absolutely love this idea. I am going to try this with some of my scraps. I have loads of them I pile in a plastic drawer. The drawer is overflowing and the scraps are crying for use.
Thank you for sharing such a fabulous idea.
Peace and grace to you!

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