Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is What I've Been Up To

My choice from my various attempts for the class ATC swap.  You can see the first "prototypes" below.  I also found the soap webbing is better on glossy cardstock.  The soap webbing is easy to do.  In a small container mix 2T water, 1/4C fabric paint, 1T clear dish liquid.  Using a drinking straw placed straight down into the container blow slowly and pass strips of cardstock over the bubbles as they rise to the top of the container.  It's easier to use strips.  I sprayed over the dried finished product with a mister for a second color.  I added a bit of glitter glue for the eyes and colored around the edges with a contrasting pigment ink.

Maybe this is better?

Let's see then, how about the discus -- colors are too boring....

This was my first idea - nope, the koi is too big for the ATC. 
The soap webbing looks good.


Sharon said...

Hi Marilyn,
I love these. My favorite is the first love the composition and colors.
Number 2 is the koi, what a beautiful image. Is it a stamp?
Thanks for sharing this technique.

Diane said...

These are really gorgeous. Not only the colors but I love that webbing. The koi is extraordinary.

Marilyn said...

Thanks, Sharon and Diane. The koi is a rubber stamp by Stamp Zia. She has some wonderful images.

Two Dresses Studio said...

Hi Marilyn,
What beautiful backgrounds and textures! I like the first one but I also like the Koi too! It's hard to believe they are stamps! Nice work !

Barb said...

Hi Marilyn,
Oh, what a neat technique, it makes such an interesting background!
Luv your "new" blog header AND the "I chose to adopt . . ." sign on your sidebar!!!