Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Camp

We frequent this little "shopping center" in Costa Mesa.  It's called The Camp, and it is straight out of the woods.  Whoever dreamed up the concept was brilliant.  The concept was well executed.  I always feel like I'm away at summer camp when I enter here.
There are wonderful little restaurants including 118 Degrees where nothing is heated above 118 degrees.  The thought is that heating food above that temp destroys the enzymes.  I'm not sure about that but their food is scrumptious!
This little street sign tells us directions to find various eateries and shops.
This antique truck lives here in this funky parking lot which marks the parking places with words like "Eat Your Vegetables, Live Life in the Fast Lane, Dance Often" etc.
The landscaping is eco-friendly and water wise.
Even the recirculating fountain here is eco friendly.
This shop was closed the day we were there.  It's a flower/gift shop selling handmade items including art.  The "flowers" are succulent arrangements in various really cool pots.
There are many examples of "yard art" here including this little teardrop camper.  How cool is this?
I grunged it up  with a Nelly Nero action "Grunge It".
Another example of eco-friendly is the rooftop garden here which provides insulation for the shops inside.  There is a great shop in this building called "Seed".  Everything for sale is handmade by local artists, and there are some incredible buys.
Patagonia also lives here.
Outside The Old Vine Cafe are large sequoia trees with lights hanging in them like this one.
The stairs to the second level of one of the buildings are painted as you can see below
All in all it's a delightful experience.  The shops fit the concept.  At the top of the stairs is a yoga studio.  So be sure to wear your Birkenstocks when you visit.
See you soon!


Patrice said...

That looks like a fun place to visit!

emptycage said...

Was just there last week, love it! Great pictures, and you captured the feel of it! bravo. jacki