Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More White

I played with this as a possibility for Texture Tuesday but I liked "Purity" better.  I'm trying to take advantage of Picnik while they are still available.  I know I can make collages in Photoshop, but somehow they seem more 
tedious to do that way.  Maybe I just don't have the hang of it.  I seem to have challenges getting my images to fit in the boxes.  If anyone knows the way to simplify it, please email me or leave a comment.
Anyway, here is my Picnik collage in white.  I also used their "gritty" effect and I like that.
It removed some of the color so it looks a bit desaturated.  I also got this simple museum frame on Picnik.  Yes, there are other ways to achieve the frame but they make it so easy.  I'm starting to look for other fast, easy, fun online editing sites to add the little fun touches.  I probably just need to spend more time on Photoshop Elements to see what "fun" things I can do with it since I work in it all the time.

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