Monday, February 20, 2012

Word Verification?

After seeing Blogger's alert on spam detection today, I just thought I would put my two cents' worth in.  I love comments as I think many of you do.  If you're involved in one 
or more weekly "challenges", you know what you're up against when you attempt to leave comments on many blogs.  This past week-end I 
spent so much time trying to figure out word verifications which now have two (not one) words to decipher, I was ready to give up on leaving comments.  
It's doubly annoying because I never know until I've finished my comment that I'm going to have to do the blasted word verification!  Think how much more time I would have to leave comments if I didn't have to decipher the verification.
 It is possible to prevent spam comments by going to comments settings and checking "always" under comment moderation and unchecking "word verification".  
Then you will see "comments awaiting moderation" on your dashboard and you can check them before you okay them for publication.  Don't forget to check the "spam" tab on your comments tab too.  You want to delete those and help Blogger 
do a better job for us.  They do try to eliminate what appears to be spam.
This must be an issue with a lot of people because I've seen more than one post today on this subject.
So if you notice you're getting fewer comments, it's might be because we're having to deal with the verification!!


helena said...

I totally agree - I'm finding it really hard to decipher the new verification words with the black shape behind them and it is putting me off commenting.

I don't have word verification or comment moderation and have not had any spam issues.

Terrie said...

Yep, I agree - those new words are REALLY hard and I think unnecessary. It's a pain! I don't have word verification and have never had one spam. It's probably just a matter of time, but I want to make it easy for people to leave a quick note if they want....

Gail P said...

Thanks for helping to spread this.
I've gone anti-rejection.

Geri Centonze said...

I so agree - maybe we should start a movement Marilyn and just refuse to leave comments on blogs with word verification...or just leave a really polite comment and say "due the difficulty I have reading the word verifications this will be my last comment"...I'm so tempted but don't want to offend anyone...but seriously I can't read them sometimes and have to try several times to get it right! OK...I'm done ranting!

Teresa said...

I agree totally Marilyn it is so difficult sometimes to leave a comment because of the word verification . . .and sometimes I even struggle trying to find the comment button . . .maybe that's just me having a "senior moment" . .:-)
I love the clarity of the yellow and white in this image and the texture just seems to emphasise that . . .lovely work, Teresa x

Nancy Claeys said...

It has become rather bothersome. :(